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Mainland power rationing may extend to Zanzibar

28 October 2009 – The Zanzibar Electricity Company (Zeco) and the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) met on October 26th to determine whether or not the isle of Zanzibar should be included in the scheduled countrywide power rationing.  The decision is expected to be announced today.

Mr. Hassan Ali, Manager of Zeco, admitted that he had been warned earlier in the month to prepare for possible power rationing.  So far Zanzibar, which draws most of its power from Tanesco, has not been affected by the blackouts due to effected power shedding in the mainland regions. The decision to implement power rationing in Zanzibar has so far been put on hold as other efforts to get more power into the national grid have started to show good results.

Late last week, the Zanzibar minister for Water, Works, Energy and Land, Mr Tafana Kassim Mzee told reporters that Zanzibar will not be involved in the power rationing as the isles government was a loyal Tanesco customer.  Zanzibar tends to spend an average of Sh1.2 billion to pay for the 44MW of electricity it receives from Tanesco every month.

Zanzibar remains hopeful that it may not be subjected to power rationing and Mr. Ali, Manager of Zeco, has asked Zanzibar residents not to be worried by the impending power shortage as it is now expected that production of power on the mainland will soon stabilize leaving the lights on throughout the isles.