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Lucy launches the AEGIS

Cape Town, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 11 March 2011 – Lucy Switchgear “’ which provides switching and protection solutions for electrical distribution systems “’ is holding the South African launch of its latest product, the AEGIS, at African Utility Week (AUW) at the Cape Town convention centre from March 14 to 17.

The company was the pioneer in the field of ring main units with the “Trident” fused-Oil insulated RMU, of which tens of thousands are protecting medium voltage underground networks throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

In the late 90’s, the “Sabre” unit was designed, positioning the product with new innovations of relay protection, vacuum interruption and SF6 insulation. The “Sabre” product has run parallel with the “Trident” unit, and the “Sabre” is Lucy’s flagship product to-day.

The company’s new AEGIS product gives customers a full range of Lucy medium voltage RMU products. This product has been specifically designed to meet the new IEC specifications, but also has been adapted to meet African Electrical Utility network needs and conditions.

Eskom, the Power Institute of East and Southern Africa (PIESA) and the Union of Producers, Transporters and Distributors of Electrical Power in Africa (UPDEA) all played a role in the design and production of Lucy’s AEGIS. This gives a full choice to our customers for using any Lucy Switchgear solution for both engineering and/or budgetary constraints.

The AEGIS RMU has been internally arc-tested by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and KEMA, the world renowned leading type-testing authority, and will be available to 24kV.

As with all Lucy Switchgear products the AEGIS unit will have an option to be fully automated with a plug and play RTU.