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Long term maintenance contract awarded for Algerian solar hybrid plant

7 May 2012 – Siemens Energy has been awarded a contract to provide long-term maintenance services at Algeria’s first solar-combined cycle hybrid power plant being developed by Abengoa.
The order was placed for Abengoa’s 150 MW solar hybrid plant operating at the Hassi R’Mel natural gas field in northern Algeria. The contract includes preventative and corrective maintenance for two SGT-800 gas turbines, which Siemens installed in April 2011. The service contract for the gas turbines will help to ensure long-term reliability and predictable maintenance costs for Abengoa at Hassi R’Mel, one of the world’s most innovative power stations.
“As these unique and advanced hybrid plant technologies continue to emerge, maintaining their efficiency with cost-effective service solutions is vital,” Karim Amin, head of Siemens Energy Service, Middle East region, says. “Algeria has made a strong commitment to developing its abundant renewable energy sources, along with its rich natural gas resources.”
Integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC) technology combines the environmental benefits of solar energy with the operational advantages of a conventional combined cycle plant. The heat generated by the solar field decreases the already low emissions of a combined cycle power plant and increases the efficiency even more.
The Hassi R’Mel facility was one of the world’s first ISCC plants when it began operation in May 2011. It generates electricity through both the 25 MW parabolic trough solar collectors field and a 130 MW two by one combined cycle power plant. Located at Algeria’s largest natural gas field, the plant consists of 224 parabolic trough collectors that cover an area of 180,000 m2. The gas turbine and steam cycle are fired by natural gas, with the steam turbine receiving additional solar-generated steam during the day.