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Link between SA and Cahora Bassa back to capacity

The 533 kV DC transmission line linking South Africa with the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric scheme in Mozambique which had been damaged due to flooding has been repaired. This fully restores the capacity for the transmission from Cahora Bassa to South Africa to 1,500 MW, something that provides a boost for South Africa’s power capacity strained system.

Eskom reports that South Africa’s electricity demand profile is changing as the country moves into yet another winter without the long awaited capacity from the large Medupi and Kusile power stations under construction. With fairly pleasant weather during the day which sets into cold evenings once the sun goes down, the demand for electricity picks up rapidly as evenings arrive in South Africa. Eskom continues with its planned maintenance schedule and is scaling it down to prepare for winter while also managing unplanned outages that add more pressure to an already tight system.

The utility says that the power system in South Africa remains tight and balancing demand and supply is a daily challenge. Based on that it reiterates its call to all consumers to use electricity sparingly. “We request all electricity customers to save at least 10% of their electricity usage and sustain these savings. Residential and commercial customers can make the biggest difference by switching off geysers and pool pumps from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM; switching off non-essential lights; using space-heating efficiently and responding to the national Power Alerts messages,” Eskom says.

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