Over the past years induction lamps used in street lights have been marketed by local importers to the South African local authorities. They claim that the lumen efficacy of 80 Lm/W and the long lifetime make these luminaires unique and suitable for use in public roads.

LED Street Light

Contemporary LED street light

This light source technology transfers the power that is required to generate light from outside the lamp envelope to inside via electromagnetic fields. The induction lamp technology was introduced in the 1980s as a durable, long-life light source.

The envelope of the light source is made of glass and is rather big, which makes it unsuitable for applications where a small compact light source is required.

This is particularly so in street lighting where the control of the light distribution is essential to achieve the lighting levels and associated uniformities; the induction lamp proves to be unsuitable due to the low utilisation of the generated lumen.

We wish to compare the facts:

LED graph

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