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Kusile wins award for 3D plant simulator use

Eskom’s Kusile power station was named a finalist in the 2013 Be Inspired Awards for its innovative use of a virtual 3D plant simulator. The 4,800 MW plant, which is under construction in Mpumalanga, was named a project finalist in Bentley System’s 2013 Be Inspired Awards Competition.

Bentley provides architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors and owner-operators with software for sustaining infrastructure. Once completed, Kusile will consist of six units, each generating 800 MW, adding 4,800 MW at completion to make it one of the largest coal-fired power stations in the world.

Using the Bentley MicroStation platform Eskom created a fully immersive 3D, virtual and interactive model of Kusile that gives its engineers, operators and plant maintainers a thorough understanding of the plant design, process, operations and maintenance requirements.

By leveraging 3D visualisation and simulation capability, a significant return on innovation has been delivered for Eskom, including: • Enhanced plant commissioning and operating – changing plant conditions and operating parameters can be simulated in a 3D virtual environment;

• Improved emergency preparedness – operators can train for abnormal or emergency situations in a simulated environment, reducing the impact of actual plant damage caused by such occurrences;

• Increased training opportunities – proactive training on new plant technology reduces the risk of learning curve failures during commissioning and operations;

• Unified plant plans – multiple models created by Kusile’s various build partners can be merged and manipulated into one model – eliminating plan inconsistencies.

Six independent panels of jurors, comprising accomplished Bentley users and industry experts, selected the 65 finalists from nominations submitted by organisations in 43 countries.