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KPLC’s “Power Alert” website helps customers manage power outages

The Kenya Power & Light Company’s new website “PowerAlert” informs registered electricity customers of planned power outages to minimise any inconveniences caused by strained energy supply. The website gives real time outage information and provides updated blackout status updates across the country.  Users are able to access the website using their social media accounts – Google, Facebook and Twitter. Upon sign up, users are able to subscribe to receive alerts for certain locations. When there is a scheduled power outage, customers will receive notifications via E-mail, Twitter or Sms.

“PowerAlert” also features maps showing in which areas outages are planned. The website also makes use of twitter maps. According to the utility’s website, “By scanning Twitter for certain keywords, we can try and detect outages. On the right is a summary of the top locations mentioned on twitter that may contain outages while below is the map displaying where these (and other) outages are.”

With a reported 173, 000 twitter followers, these platforms are proving to be effective tools for KPLC to communicate with its customers and provide a better service.


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