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Kenya Power invests US$96.6 million to curb power challenges

On Friday, Kenya Power announced that they are addressing the future power situation of the country by injecting US$96.6 million into developing new power distribution stations, Reuters reported.

This decision was made after acknowledging the increasing power challenges and the negative effects it is having on economic growth and development.

In 2011, the power company had plans to invest US$1 billion to improve the overall energy sector with the objective of creating a reliable power supply and to expand power access.

The country’s main electricity transmission firm will be developing 36 new substations, where 10 will be located along the coast, Reuters reported.transmission lines

Kenya’s energy demand is growing significantly and Government has plans to increase the current power production from 1 664MW to 5 000MW by 2017, Reuters reported.

Kenya has a population of 40 million out of which 2.8 million are Kenya Power customers. These customers are largely dependent on clean renewable energy including hydroelectric power and geothermal gas, Reuters reported.

With increased electricity tariffs, a growth in electricity sales and upgrading of the national grid, the ‘annual pre-tax profit’ increased by 55 percent, Reuters reported.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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