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Kenya: Orange extends product offering to include solar lamps

Mobile service provider Orange Telkom Kenya has extended its product offering by signing a deal with solar lantern manufacturer Greenlight Planet to offer clean and affordable light to their consumers who do not have a reliable source of power.

The French mobile company is designing a package that includes a mobile device as a Sun King solar lamp at an affordable price, pan-African news provider Ventures Africa reported.

Powering mobile phones with solar

The Sun King mobile Pro claims to be 15 times brighter than a kerosene lamp and has USB ports that can be used to charge one or two mobile devices simultaneously.

It has a five-year battery life and gives 36 hours of power from only one day’s charge.greenlight sun king products

The combined solar lamp and mobile package will cost $43 (ZAR523) for the Sun King mobile, the Sun King Pro II will cost $51 (ZAR620) and the Sun King Home will cost $96 (ZAR1,168).

Unbundled solar devices will cost $31 (ZAR377) for the Sun King Mobile, $40 (ZAR487) for the Sun King Pro II and $85 (ZAR1,033) for the Sun King Home.

Access to reliable energy source

Commenting on the need for the scheme, Vincent Lobry, CEO of Orange Kenya, said: “As mobile phones are fast becoming a necessity for most Kenyan households, access to a reliable means of energy is imperative for communication, mobile banking and maintaining business interests.”

Thakkar said that an estimated 1.5 billion people do not have access to conventional lighting, resulting in people having to walk several kilometres to purchase power for cooking and charging of their mobile devices.

CEO of Greenlight Planet Anish Thakkar told CIO East Africa news that “Access to adequate, clean lighting is now as fundamental as access to water and other essential amenities, as it enables parents to provide for their children by extending their working hours after dark, and children can do their homework without straining their eyes or harming their lungs with fumes from lanterns that utilize petroleum or solid fuels.”

According to CIO East Africa, 73% of Kenyans live within 1-kilometer of a power transformer but only 18% are connected to the national power grid.

(Pic Credits: SunFunder)

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