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Kenya needs nuclear power

A view of one of Kenya’s
existing geothermal
power plants “’ now nuclear
power may be on the way
Nairobi, Kenya — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 03 November 2011 – Kenya is currently producing 1,550MW of power “’ which is far below the country’s energy requirements “’ and a high-ranking government energy official says the solution to the country’s power problems lies in nuclear energy.

The “Nairobi Star” quotes Kenyan Energy Committee commissioner Karanje Kabage as saying that if nuclear energy becomes a reality, erratic power interruptions in the country will be done away with.

“The government is investigating ways to produce nuclear power to complement its hydro-energy in a drive to end the power outages that have become a nightmare to Kenyans, especially in industries with electricity-driven machines,” he said.

To bridge this shortfall, Kabage explains that the committee, through the Ministry of Energy, is exploring how the country can have nuclear power by the year 2020. Besides nuclear, he said, the committee is prospecting for oil and gas as alternative sources of energy, to supplement wind, hydro, and geothermal sources.

“Kenyans should stop blaming the energy ministry for the low power production and high cost since there are many internal and external factors influencing the prices, among them the weakening Kenyan shilling, “said Kabage.