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Kenya: IT specialist develops 50kW wind turbine for Kahawa West

An IT specialist has developed a 50kW wind turbine that will provide free electricity for Kahawa West rural communities in Nairobi

In East Africa, a local IT specialist has developed a 50kW wind turbine, which will provide local residents with free electricity. The plant, which is located in Kahawa West, Nairobi, was developed by IT specialist and general manager of Fincom Technologies, Gabriel Nderitu.

During the test run of the turbine on Sunday, Nderitu stated that the  turbines will be assembled at a small Jua Kali workshop in Kahawa West, The Star reported.

Wind turbine provides free electricity

Nderitu highlighted that many countries are adopting renewable energy resources opposed to fossil fuel sources.

“Power needs for villagers are mainly for electronics such as TV, radio, chargers and lighting. The turbines are locally made. I have designed a big one with a 30-feet diameter rotor generating two to 10kW.”

“Access to free electricity helps rural communities power their TVs and radios, which educate, inform and entertain. This improves the quality of rural life,” Nderitu said.

He added that the students will benefit from this project as their learning conditions will be improved.

Kenya – globally recognised

In other power generation news, Kenya has been globally recognised among the top ten countries, which have adopted and made substantial investments in the development of renewable energy.

On Monday, the Bloomberg New Energy Finance released a report, which placed Kenya in 6th place out of 55 global emerging economies. These countries together attracted Sh12.9 trillion ($126 billion) worth of investments in clean energy last year.

According to the Bloomberg, this represents a 39% growth compared to last year.

Data from the Energy Regulatory Commission in Kenya shows that geothermal power consumption rose to a record high of 402.1 million units in October accounting for nearly half of the country’s total consumption.

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