Raila Odinga,
Kenya’s Prime
1 July 2009 – According to the UN, Kenya has the capacity to generate more than 3,000MW of electricity if it tapped into wind energy in its vast northern districts

The Kenyan government has appointed a team to fast-track the generation of clean and renewable energy using sources such as wind, solar, biomass, and biogas.

Kenya is planning to commission the use of clean energy by 2012 that will help install an additional power generation capacity of 2,000MW.

Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, named a national task force to explore ways of developing of green energy power generation projects.

Mr Odinga said the team, which comprises ministers and permanent secretaries of the ministries of Energy, Industrialisation, Environment, and Agriculture, will also include the chairman of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, and the Association of Large Power Producers.

The task force will investigate and recommend measures that will expedite commissioning of the green energy programme by June 2012.

The task force shall promote the development of green energy power generation projects and assist with mobilisation of technical and financial resources for the implementation of the green energy programme and projects including public/private partnerships.

The UN says Kenya has adequate wind to generate energy for both export and domestic use. The UN estimates could spur renewed hope in the manufacturing sector that has been complaining of high electricity cost.

Wind and solar power projects are beginning to take off in Africa. There are an estimated 100 projects in over 20 countries.