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Johannesburg City Power awards CONCO substation contract

Electricity service provider Johannesburg City Power has commissioned South African electrical, procurement and construction contractor Consolidated Power Projects (CONCO) to construct a new substation in north-east Gauteng.

The Sebenza 400/275/88kV project is three-year build, which started construction at the end of 2014.

Once completed, the substation will add an additional 1000MVA to the Sebenza area improving the overall power supply to the local community.

The Sebenza project will contribute towards the economic growth, said City Power’s Godfrey Mulaudzi.

Mulaudzi said: “Part of the project’s initiative is to take some of the load sitting at Prospect substation transformers to Sebenza substation, which will in turn free some capacity at Prospect substation for development in the south of Johannesburg.

“Economic numbers confirm that Johannesburg’s growth and development has a direct link to Gauteng and the South African economy at large.”

CONCO partners with City Power on key Sebenza project
Thamie Nyembe (CONCO), Sarel Peens (PSW), Hein Schuld (PSW), Shoneez Dinath (PSW), Francis Ngubeni (City Power), Victor Mogashoa (City Power), Mario Prasti (CONCO) and James Theron (PSW) – during a Sebenza contract meeting held at CONCO’s offices

On-site challenges

CONCO senior project manager Thamie Nyembe said: “The Sebenza project is not without its own unique challenges, including the fact that work on site will be undertaken in an environment surrounded by a substantial amount of live existing infrastructure.”

Nyembe continued: “The project is also made further complex by the combination of transmission and distribution technologies requiring proficiency in the construction of both.”

CONCO said in a statement that this project comes at a much needed time when the Sebenza region is experiencing significant growth which cannot be matched by the decaying power infrastructure.

As a result, the area’s power grid has become constrained and City Power is working hard towards achieving a reliable power supply for all consumers.

The substation project includes:

  • A 1000MVA, 400/275/88kV bulk in-feed substation
  • Portion of the 400kV busbar of the planned Eskom 12-bay, 400kV, 4000A, 63kA outdoor-type switchyard
  • Provision of 3 x 315MVA, 275/88/22kV power transformers
  • Cable feeders (132kV) to the required 38-bay, 132kV, 3,150A, 40kA, double busbar GIS switchboard
  • Power factor correction capacitor banks
  • Transfer of 18 existing power line circuits from Kelvin into the new Sebenza substation via 132kV, 200MVA cable circuits
  • All associated protection, control, automation, SCADA, monitoring and metering systems.
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