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Japanese to assist energy development in Mozambique

Mozambican Prime
Minister, Aires Ali
Tokyo, Japan — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 22 February 2012 – The Japanese International Cooperation agency (JICA) plans to carry out a number of development projects in Mozambique over the next five years, according to JICA vice president Tsuneo Kurokawa.

During a meeting of the Mozambican Prime Minister, Aires Ali with members of the Sub-Saharan Africa Commission of Keidanren, the Japanese employers’ organisation Kurokawa said that under the terms of Japan’s 4th Plan of Action for Cooperation with Africa (Ticad IV), Japan planned by 2016 to support the development of the Maputo and Nacala corridors, with a particular focus on energy.

As well as drawing up a development strategy for the Nacala corridor, the agency would fund work on the Nampula/Cuamba and Cuamba/Lichinga road, to supply water and sanitation, as well as improving education and training facilities.

Cited by Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias, the vice president of JICA noted that, besides developing energy projects in Mozambique, his country was interested in the energy, human resources, industrial, infrastructure, construction and agricultural development sectors.

During his visit to Japan, Mozambican prime minister Aires Ali met with his Japanese counterpart, Yoshihiko Noda, and was also received by the chairmen of Mitsui and Nippon Steel, both companies with interests in Mozambique.