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Italy’s wind-power capacity continues slowdown

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Milan, Italy — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 21 January 2011 – Growth of wind power capacity in Italy may slow again this year after its production rate eased in 2010 because of regulatory uncertainty over production incentives.

Making this point in a statement here, Italy’s renewable energy industry body APER revealed that the country’s  installed wind power generation capacity rose by 950MW in 2010, “’ 15% less than in 2009 “’ because the lack of a clear regulatory framework for renewable energy sector made it increasingly difficult to obtain financing for new projects.

Italy is targeting 12 680MW of wind capacity by 2020 under the European Union’s plans to combat climate change, but the country is yet to adopt the EU directive on renewable energy sources by instituting decrees, including ones on the government support scheme.

“If the regulatory uncertainty is not overcome, the growth may suffer a further slowdown this year,” Andrea Marchisio, who is responsible for wind sector at APER, told Reuters.

“Italy’s installed wind power capacity grew by about 1 000 MW a year in the 2006 to 2009 period, and it is necessary to maintain this trend if Italy wants to meet the 2020 green energy targets,” Marchisio added.

Italy’s total wind power generation capacity stands at 5 797MW at present, according to industry estimates.