7 November 2007 – Westinghouse Electric Company, the US based nuclear technology group, has bought South Africa’s IST Nuclear.

Operating under the name Westinghouse Electric South Africa, operations in South Africa opened on 5th November.

IST Nuclear has been actively involved in the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) Project and says Nick Liparulo, Vice-President of engineering services for Westinghouse in a statement "Westinghouse has long been a proponent of the PBMR, and this acquisition will allow us to become even more involved as PBMR moves toward commercialisation."

Westinghouse views South Africa as a growth market, particularly for the Westinghouse pressurised water reactor nuclear system (AP1000).

Eskom recently said it had set 30 June 2015 as the date for the first new nuclear power plant in South Africa to be up and running. Westinghouse, along with France’s Areva, have been shortlisted as potential builders of as many as five new nuclear plants by 2025.