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IPTL now operating at 100 MW installed capacity

The Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) plant, one of two independent power projects connected to the TANESCO grid, is currently generating 100MW. Management is seeking to expand the facility.

“In June 15th this year, IPTL’s power generation plant located at Tegeta area, reached its full installed capacity of 100MW” said Joseph Makandege, IPTL/Pan African Power Solutions (PAP) Company Secretary and Chief Counsel.

The plant which is owned by Pan African Power Solutions is progressing toward delivering on all its promises of alleviating the burden felt by power consumers.

“We will generate 200MW with new Gas Plant by December 2015 at the capacity charge of less than 8 US Cents, being Phase I and Phase II another 300MW by December 2017” he said

“We promised to lower our tariffs, increase production up to the plant’s installed capacity then move ahead to expand our plant to be able to produce 500MW after transforming the plant to use gas which will enable IPTL to further lower its tariffs to between six and eight US cents per unit.”

After the company has converted its machines to use gas in generating power, consumers will be to benefit from lower tariffs. Tariffs currently stand at between 26 and 30 US cents per unit, while other suppliers in the market charge between 38 to 60 US cents per unit.

He explained that his company decided to look for better ways of producing cost-effective power, compared to others in the market. Makandege said that the company believes in using its presence to have a positive impact and improve lives of its consumers.

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IPTL now operating at 100 MW installed capacity