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Investor road show planned for Nigerian gas sector

21 August 2008 – Nigeria’s federal executive council has approved the second step of the  Gas Master Plan Investor Road show (GMPIR).

In February, the government approved the national gas infrastructure master plan, which included a short term gas supply strategy and aims at adopting a gas blue-print and gradual increase of gas prices for power generation to a commercial rate.

The road show will be conducted in Abuja, Lagos and Singapore, says John Odey from the ministry of information and communication. 

He said further that the government was ready for the investor selection process, pre-qualification and entity structure for investment consortia.

The executive council further considered rewarding contracts for erection works for three transmission projects.   Additionally, two 150mva/33kva substation at Yola and a 330kva line bay station at Gombe was awarded to MBH Power Ltd, with construction of a 42km 132kva single circuit line and 5 km approach to Akure 132kv/33kv sub-station 132kv double circuit was awarded to Dextron Engineering Ltd