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Inverters for 96 MW PV project in Northern Cape

30 July 2013 – The Jasper photovoltaic PV project in South Africa’s Northern Cape, which will be executed and built by a consortium formed by Iberdrola Engineering and Construction South Africa, will have an installed power output of 96 MW DC. The plant will deliver its power to South Africa’s grid by means of 78 one megawatt Ingecon Sun PowerMax central inverters which Ingeteam will supply inside its 40 foot, 2.0 MW power station shelters.

Ingeteam will also provide the Jasper facility with its plant control system, which will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all the requirements of the grid operator and with South African regulations. It is estimated that this PV plant could generate sufficient electricity to supply 30,000 homes.

The Jasper PV project, which is to be equipped with 325,000 polycrystalline modules, covering 180 hectares is the third project in which inverter manufacturer Ingeteam is involved with in South Africa, since its subsidiary started to operate in the vicinity of Johannesburg.

The company’s transformerless inverters are designed to obtain the maximum performance at large-scale PV plants, being able to deliver a maximum power output up to an ambient temperature of 45ºC whilst contributing to the quality and stability of the electricity system with a low voltage ride through capability and the possibility of delivering reactive power even at night.