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Industry Expert Interview Series

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Our Industry Expert Interview Series features exclusive interviews with leading industry experts who are part of the co-located events:  African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa, either as speakers, sponsors or exhibitors. The event takes place from 14 – 15 May in Cape Town.  Our business leaders share what excites and concerns them about the industry and their message at the event in May.

Rick St John

“Currently Africa represents only 3% of global electrical consumption, but by 2020 electrical consumption in Africa will have increased by 60%.”
Exclusive interview with Rick St. John, Regional Director South Africa Region, Lucy Switchgear – a long-time supporter of African Utility Week and a silver sponsor at this year’s event.

Andrew Strachan

“It is a natural fit for SAP to support the African Utility Week in its mandate to making Africa more energy efficient and to run better.”
Exclusive interview with Andrew Strachan, Head: Energy & Natural Resources, SAP South Africa, gold sponsor at African Utility Week and sponsor of the CEO Forum. 

Dean Villet

“Itron has a long history of success in the African market.”
Exclusive interview with Dean Villet: Itron’s Director of Professional Services.  Closing comments are from Imraan Mohamed: Itron Sub-Saharan Africa Marketing Manager.  Itron is a long-time supporter of African Utility Week and a gold sponsor at the upcoming event.

Nawal Al-Hosany

"African countries are increasingly focused on the potential renewable energy offers to their economies"
Exclusive interview with Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany, Director of Zayed Future Energy Prize, gold sponsors at the upcoming Clean Power Africa.

Kevin Jacobson

“MTN Business are passionate about Machine2Machine and therefore utilize our own solutions effectively as part of our green drive.”
Exclusive interview with Kevin Jacobson, General Manager, Business Indirect Sales, MTN Business.  MTN is a platinum sponsor at African Utility Week.

Gregor Kupper

“Residence owners, business owners or utilities managers should choose the best solar technology now and allow themselves to fix their electricity costs for the next 25 years and more.”
Exclusive interview with Solarworld Africa MD Gregor Küpper. The company installed the largest single rooftop solar installation in Africa at present at the Vodacom head office in Century City in Cape Town – one of the destinations in the Clean Power Africa site visit program. Solarworld Africa is also doing a vendor demonstration on the expo floor.

Andrew Jones

“Africa has the ability to make a technology leap quickly whilst learning from deployment already in the field around the world.”
Andrew Jones, Managing Director – Europe, Middle East and Africa S&C Electric Europe Ltd.  S&C are silver sponsors at the upcoming Clean Power Africa in Cape Town.

Norman Ndaba

“I think energy efficiency and management in the short to long term is the way to go and this conference’s emphasis on ways to improve these is impressive.”
Exclusive interview with Norman Ndaba: Global Client Services Partner (GCSP), Director: Power & Utilities at Ernst & Young – platinum sponsors at African Utility Week.

Emelly Mutambatsere

“In each market where wind energy is being developed, the state is a big player in the initial stages of industry development and is often the sponsor of pilot projects.”
Exclusive interview with Dr Emelly Mutambatsere, Principal Regional Economist, African Development Bank, and a speaker at the upcoming Clean Power Africa.

Willem Sprong

“Most people view a system only as reliable when it is 100% available. This unfortunately is not true.”
Interview with Dr Willem Sprong, Technical Executive, Electrical Engineering at GIBB – silver sponsors at the upcoming African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa.

Anita Steyn

“Change starts with a choice and is followed with a decision and backed by actions.”
Anita Steyn is a senior consultant with the National Occupational Safety Assocation of South Africa (NOSA).  She will present a pre-conference workshop at the upcoming African Utility Week’s track for Large Power Users on “Behaviour based safety for supervisors”.

Paul Nel

“The challenge in South Africa is ensuring that we have the technical skills to match the strong drive to invest in renewable energy.”
Exclusive interview with Paul Nel, Technical Director: Renewable Energy at Aurecon – silver sponsors at Clean Power Africa.  Aurecon will present several  technical workshops on renewables and hydro on the exhibition floor.

Richard Doyle

“Wind is already at grid parity.  PV on rooftop is just obvious.  It is just a matter of time now.”
Interview with Richard Doyle, Managing Director, 3E, South Africa, and speaker in the Clean Power Africa technical workshops on Solar and Wind on “Constructing monitoring in PV and Wind”.

Sliman Abu Amara

“In recent years we have noticed that stronger local presence will further boost our business.”
Exclusive interview with Sliman Abu Amara, Business Development Manager Middle East and Africa, DNV KEMA, an exhibitor at this year’s African Utility Week.  The company will also present a technical workshop on “Type Test Certification for a reliable power network”.

Paul Runge

“Much is said of Inga but Ethiopia has the potential to become a major regional supplier.”
Interview with Paul Runge, Managing Director, Africa Project Access.  Paul will chair two hydropower sessions during the upcoming Clean Power Africa in Cape Town in May.

Alf Hartzenburg

“The implementation of an energy management system aligned to ISO 50001 is critical to capacitate industry in managing its energy efficiently.”
Interview with Alf Hartzenburg, Senior Project Manager Western Cape – Industrial Energy Efficiency Project, National Cleaner Production Centre of SA, CSIR and speaker in the Large Power Users track at the upcoming African Utility Week.  He will speak on the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard.

Wim Jonker Klunne

“Small and mini hydro will need to be an integral part of the future energy mix in Africa.”
Exclusive interview with Wim Jonker Klunne, Senior Researcher Renewable Energy, CSIR, South Africa.  Wim is a regular speaker at Clean Power Africa (formerly Hydropower Africa) and this year will chair a session on “Small and Mini Hydro Projects – The way forward”. 

Dhesan Moodley

How the Western Cape’s largest electricity consumer saved R90 million in one year
Exclusive interview with Dhesan Moodley – General Manager of Arcelor Mittal’s Saldanha Works.  As the single largest electricity consumer in the Western Cape, the steel plant participated in an Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project that has resulted in an astounding R90 million energy bill savings in one year.  Arcelor Mittal is offering a unique opportunity to a limited number of African Utility Week delegates during a site visit on 16 May. 

Stephan Padlewski

“Solar investors, project developers and EPCs are shifting from a short term cost per Watt focus to a more accurate measure of a system’s value based on the levelized cost of electricity, expressed as cost per kilowatt hour.”
Exclusive interview with Stephan Padlewski, Market & Program Leader at DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions.  DuPont is a silver sponsor at the upcoming Clean Power Africa.  A DuPont specialist will also address the solar conference session on:  “Know What is in Your Modules – Materials Matter”.

Martin Manuhwa

‘The time for a sustainable use of renewables is now. We do not have a choice. Clean energy is the way to go.’
Exclusive interview with Engineer Martin Manuhwa, Managing Director of ZAIDG, Zimbabwe and speaker at the upcoming Clean Power Africa conference. 

Paul Hinks

‘Symbion and many other companies from the United States are ready to invest in Africa.’
Exclusive interview with Paul Hinks, CEO of Symbion Power, platinum sponsors at the upcoming African Utility Week.

Sarah Tibatemwa

“Water utilities have come to realise there is an urgent need to conserve energy if they want to break even.”
Interview with Sarah M. Tibatemwa, Africa Director at the International Water Association and speaker in the water track at African Utility Week 2013.

Dudley Miller

‘The demand for electrical energy in many African countries is growing rapidly, requiring both supply and demand solutions.’
Exclusive interview with Dudley Miller, vice-president energy business unit, Schneider Electric South Africa – who are gold sponsors again at African Utility Week.

Dieter Gutschow

“The challenge is that it is often difficult to quantify Smart Grid investments’ benefit to the economy”
Exclusive interview with Dieter Gutschow, Managing Consultant, Eon Consulting, South Africa, who along with a senior Eskom representative will present a presentation on:  “Quantifying the benefit of different smart grid technologies for overhead lines” during the Smart Grids/T&D track at African Utility Week.

Dean Pratt

“With over 600 hundred referenced sites across the globe Clean Power Africa offers us an opportunity to share our experiences.”
Exclusive interview with Dean Pratt, MarelliMotori’s Regional Manager Africa.  MarelliMotori is a platinum sponsor for Clean Power Africa

Neil Kayton

“Competition from the East is probably the biggest challenge we face.”
Exclusive interview with Powertech CEO Neil Kayton.   Powertech is a gold sponsor at this year’s African Utility Week.

Valerie Issumo

‘The Ethical Water Exchange is THE platform to transform wastewater into a clean tradable resource: treated wastewater.’
Exclusive interview with Valérie Issumo, founder, Prana Sustainable Water, Switzerland.  She will address the Water track at African Utility Week on:  “Ethical water exchange – the monetary value of recycled wastewater”.

Greg Kaser

‘Nuclear power is not just about reducing your carbon footprint; it should be an integral part of Africa’s development strategy.’
Exclusive interview with Greg Kaser, Supply Chain Working Group, World Nuclear Association, UK.  During the Generation track of African Utility Week in May he is part of a panel discussion on “Nuclear power in Africa”.

Andrew Barfour

“Despite the poverty in the rural areas, the commitment, drive, and acceptance of the SHEP programme certainly pleasantly surprised the managers of the programme.“
Exclusive interview with Ing. Andrew T. Barfour, Project Coordinator at the Ghana Energy Development and Access Project (GEDAP) at the Ghana Ministry of Energy in Accra.  Ing. Barfour will address African Utility Week in May on “Universal Access to Energy:  Ghana’s rural electrification programme – a case study”.

Jan Martin Witte

“We will provide the incremental tariff payments once the projects have delivered electricity – we shift the entire performance risk to the private sector.” 
Exclusive interview with Jan Martin Witte, Senior Project Manager at KfW Entwicklungs bank, who will address the Finance and Economics track at the upcoming African Utility Week on “The GET FiT renewable energy alternative funding mechanism” 

Rajesh Bansal

“Interaction between Indian and African utilities will be of great advantage to both, as we have a somewhat similar distribution business atmosphere.” 
Exclusive interview with Rajesh Bansal, VP (MMG-EA), BSES Reliance, India and speaker at the upcoming African Utility Week in May 2013.