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Illegal power: FM station steals from Ghana’s ECG

Power theft in Ghana
Ghanaian radio station Obrempong FM investigated for illegal power connection. Pic credit: viasat1

A private commercial radio station in Ghana is being investigated by the Central Regional Loss Control Unit of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for allegedly having an illegal electricity connection.

According to area manager of ECG Kwesi Adams, the Agona Swedru-based radio station, Obrempong FM, has been cut off from receiving power following a lead which identified that the radio station was using electricity without paying for it, GhanaWeb reported.

ECG claims that Obrempong FM has been powering air conditioners and machinery without paying a cent.

The utility also has no record of the station as a customer since it opened two years.

Illegal electricity connection results in penalty

Adams told media that ECG has issued the station with a one-year penalty of $4,000 (ZAR51, 316), in which the broadcasting company has one week to pay or face prosecution.

Once the fine has been settled, the radio station’s management will appear in court before an Agona Swedru Circuit as an example to others that this type of illegal action results in punishment and should be condemned, ECG said.

The station will be re-connected to the national grid once payment is complete, Adams added.

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