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Hydroelectric: two-hours of clean power for islanders

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Energy storage on a utility scale is the next stage for countries looking to store clean power

Off the West Coast of Africa, the Spanish Canary Island El Hierro has recently been successsful in delivering renewable generated electricity to the whole island for just over two hours.

The island, which is home to an estimated 10,000 people, achieved this through a combination of hydroelectric and wind power at the Gorona del Viento hydroelectric centre, the Shanghai Daily reported.

Director of the Gorona del Viento hydro-electric centre explained: “The combination of an intermittent source of energy, such as wind, and a hydraulic system made it possible to keep the electric network stable.”

Hydroelectric: clean technology

The hydroelectric facility generates power with the available water which generates the electricity and is then pumped back up to a holding tank using wind power.

According to Shanghai Daily, the Island was able to avoid emitting around seven tonnes of carbon monoxide, which would have been generated if fossil fuels were used.

In Central America, Costa Rica has a goal to become completely carbon-free by 2021, Greentech Media reported earlier this year.

It has been reported that Costa Rica has been powered solely by renewable generated power for 100 consecutive days this year as a result of its hydro resources.

However, with climate change affecting the amount of rainfall, the country is in need of seeking a power storage solution.

Alberto Ramírez, head of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute generation business told media: “With penetration of wind and solar, in the future we will need greater regulation capacity than that available from dams, which will probably have to be covered by new options such as pumped hydro and batteries.”

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