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Hydro power plant approved for Kano State

18 October 2007 – The Challawan Goje and Tiga Dams in Nigeria have been approved for utilisation by the federal government for the construction of a power station in Kano State.

In a press release from Governor Ibrahim Shekarau, it was revealed that this will ensure the establishment of an independent hydro power station by the state government in the next few years.

The decision was reached during a meeting with Abba Sayyadi Ruma, minister of agriculture and water resources at a meeting in Abuja on Tuesday.

The hydro power station will be able to provide 100 MW power to the state the statement said.

‘The two dams will provide 100 megawatts to the state and these megawatts will be solely directed to the industrial section of the city to serve as alternative source of energy so that our industries could be revived’.

According to the statement, 400MW is needed by Kano state and the projected 100MW will be complimented by other generation sources.

A feasibility study for the project has been paid for by the Islamic Development Bank.