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Hydro plant to provide 40% of Ugandan power

Chinese company Sinohydro awarded a $65 million (ZAR762 million) contract to French manufacturing company Alstom to supply electro-mechanical equipment and technical services for Uganda’s largest power plant, Karuma Hydropower project.

Sinohydro was commissioned by the government of Uganda in 2013 to develop the Karuma Hydropower project to increase the country’s power generation.

Alstom will supply six 100MW Francis turbine-generator sets. Alstom Hydro China (AHC) will handle the equipment design, manufacturing, supervise installations, commissioning, testing and any additional site services.

The 600MW hydroelectric plant is situated along the River Nile, 15km downstream of the Karuma falls and will contribute 40% of Uganda’s power supply once in full operation.

Additional hydropower in Uganda

The privately owned Bujagali Hydropower project was commissioned in 2012 to generate 250MW of power to be added to the national grid.

This project was initiated by Bujagali Energy limited, a company jointly owned by Sithe Global Power, LLC and the Aga Khan Fund for economic development.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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