Thaba Eco Hotel Johannesburg
Thaba Eco Hotel Johannesburg. Pic credit: REDT

Finnish government initiative Energy and Environmental Partnership for Southern and East Africa has awarded international clean energy development company Camco Clean Energy a grant of more than $420,000 to install a hybrid energy storage solution in South Africa.

Camco will fit its Red T Energy Storage (REDT), which includes solar PV, at Johannesburg’s Thaba Eco Hotel to boost its existing weak grid connection and reduce its dependency on a back-up diesel generator.

REDT hybrid energy storage solution

The 180 kWh technology system will be used in conjunction with a 100kW solar PV installation and an existing diesel generator, Camco said in a company statement.

The system is expected to save the hotel up to 175 MWh of power annually, the same amount of power that would have been generated by back-up gensets or consumed by the main power grid.

The project financing of $429,152 was provided by Energy and Environmental Partnership for Southern and East Africa (“EEP S&EA II”): the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Austrian Development Agency and the UK Department for International Development.

Saving money on diesel

REDT hybrid technology system
180 kWh technology system will be used in conjunction with a 100kW solar PV installation and an existing diesel generator. Pic Credit: REDT

Rueben Louw, CEO of Thaba Eco Hotel, said: “Energy storage coupled with PV allows us to receive a stable supply of power to provide essential services to our guests who trust us to deliver special experiences.

“A secure power supply is key to us given the unreliable grid supply and recent load shedding experienced in South Africa.”

Louw continued: “The 20+ year lifetime and performance of the REDT Energy Storage system allows us to save money on diesel purchases, diesel generator maintenance and power purchases from the grid.

“Part of the savings generated from this system will be donated to a charity which helps the local community.”

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