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How to access premium content on esiafrica.wpengine.com

esiafrica.wpengine.com includes premium content that is only accessible to certain user groups.  In order to gain the full benefits of esiafrica.wpengine.com you will need to take the following action – either become a registered user or purchase a PRO or PRO+ subscription.

There are four types of users:

Anonymous user – (if you haven’t registered for esiafrica.wpengine.com, then you are an anonymous user). Anonymous users are unregistered users, who can browse all FREE content, which includes daily news.

Registered user – Registered users can access all content accessible to Anonymous users, as well as post comments, register for the fortnightly e-news, vote in polls, take part in forum discussions, access the shop and more.  There is no cost to becoming a registered user.  Register now!

PRO user – PRO users can access all content and functions accessible to registered users.  In addition, they can access the latest issue of ESI Africa magazine as soon as it is published, and they can access all historic ESI Africa magazine archives on esiafrica.wpengine.com.  PRO users receive a print edition of ESI Africa magazine. The annual subscription cost is $250 for a 1 year subscription or $425 for a 2 year subscription

PRO+ user – PRO+ users receive all the benefits of PRO users.  In addition, they can access the conference papers from ESI Africa hosted events.  PRO+ users can also access high value premium content commissioned by esiafrica.wpengine.com, including report extracts, in-depth analysis and more. The annual, single user subscription cost is $750 for a 1 year subscription.  Company subscriptions for multiple users are available at a discounted rate.

For more information regarding the esiafrica.wpengine.com subscription options, and for South African rates please contact our customer service department (service@esiafrica.wpengine.com)

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