Boiling water
nuclear reactors are
located inside this
power plant
New York, United States — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 10 March 2011 – GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy “’ an alliance of General Electric Company and Japan’s Hitachi Limited “’ has won final design approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for its next-generation reactor, clearing the way for final certification later in the year.

A statement by GE Hitachi issued here said the decision meant that all technical issues had been resolved over the economic, simplified, boiling water reactor, clearing the way for it to be built in countries that recognised U.S. standards.

The NRC is reviewing a licence application by a Michigan utility to use the reactor. DTE Energy Company, a subsidiary of Detroit Edison, has begun the initial stages of site development at a location 56 km south of Detroit.

Multiple reactors could also be used at a site in India, as part of India’s programme to expand use of nuclear energy.

“The world market for new nuclear power plant orders will recover in three to five years and come back strongly after that,” a GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy senior executive said in a recent interview.

Hitachi and GE joined forces in 2007 and set up joint ventures in Japan and the United States, with the aim of tapping growing demand for nuclear power. Hitachi owns 80% of the Japan venture while GE has a 60% stake in the U.S. firm.