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High voltage detector

06 September 2012 – Dehn’s PHE III electronic voltage detector features an integrated self-testing device that automatically tests the electronic circuit for correct functioning when the PHE III is switched on.

The voltage detector is designed for testing switchgear and overhead lines in indoor and outdoor installations for nominal voltages up to 33 kV, 50 Hz. It can also be used in wet weather conditions. A permanent green LED indicates ready for operation with no voltage present, while a red flashing LED and acoustic signal indicates voltage present.

The insulating rod is housed in a grey 30 mm diameter glass fibre reinforced polyester tube with a hand guard for safe operation. The test prod is housed in a detachable epoxy resin tube.

Its 9.0 V E block battery can easily be exchanged by hand. Low batteries are indicated by both illuminated LEDs and an additional acoustic signal when switching on the voltage detector. A selector switch for nominal voltages can be moved into two positions for either 3.3 – 11 kV or 11 – 33 kV operation. The switch snaps into the respective position and is protected against accidental switching. The PHE III electronic voltage detector is suitable for use in a -25°C to + 55°C operating temperature range.

DEHN is represented in South Africa by Surgetek.