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Growth planned for Mozambican hydro sector

3 June 2009 – A sum of US$100 million has been pledged to Mozambique by the World Bank for the funding of power projects it was reported this week.  In addition, Norway has pledged US$45 million for the construction of a power transmission line.  The project, which is estimated to  cost US$2.4 billion, is for a 1 500km power transmission line between the province of Tete and Maputo, the Mozambican capital.  According to Mozambique’s minister of planning and development, Aiuba Cuereneia, Mozambique is required to buy electricity from South Africa that is produced in Mozambique due to a lack of internal transmission capacity.

Two new hydroelectric dams “the size of Cahora Bassa” are also planned.  Cahora Bassa Norte, a capacity of 1 245MW and the 2 400MW Mpanda Nkuwa station, will cost an estimated US$1 billion nad US$1.8 billion respectively.