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Grootvlei Unit 1 returned to service

Unit 1 of Grootvlei power station has been returned to service following a fire incident that occurred during May 2014. The fire was as a result of generator brushes that failed. Reasons for the failure are still being investigated.

During the last week of autumn in South Africa available generation capacity ranged between 34,400 MW and 35,550 MW. On Thursday the 29th of May planned maintenance stood at 3,700 MW and unplanned outages at 4,300 MW. Peak demand during most weekdays approaches 34,000 MW. Overall, Eskom continues with its planned maintenance programme and says it is making progress there.

The power system in South Africa remains tight and Eskom urges its customers to switch off pool pumps, geysers and unnecessary lights from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, particularly during weekdays.

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