Koeberg “’ currently South
Africa’s only nuclear
power station
Johannesburg, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 31 March 2011 – Global lobby group Greenpeace has again urged the South African government to abandon plans to build six new nuclear power stations, saying the country should instead focus on renewable energy sources.

“It should be increasing its clean energy ambitions “’ the only way to create the sustainable future the country so clearly needs,” Greenpeace said.

South Africa’s latest energy plan which was recently approved by the cabinet “’ the integrated resource plan 2 (IRP2) “’ provides for 9 600MW of nuclear power, two new coal-fired power stations and renewable energy as part of the mix.

Greenpeace pointed out that clean energy would be only a fifth of the country’s energy supply by 2030.

“Doubling this ambition would mean a huge increase in the potential for job creation, and the growth of local renewable energy industries,” the lobby group added.

It described the inclusion of new nuclear power stations as absurd, especially in the light of the nuclear impacts currently being felt by the Japanese.

“The IRP itself admits that higher nuclear costs could increase the price of electricity “’ nuclear energy investments will mean increased financial and safety risks for South Africans,” said Greenpeace Africa climate campaigner Melita Steele.

“South Africa should be more ambitious and invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy,” she added, “and reduce the need for coal-fired power stations like Kusile.”