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Government reveals 50% electricity users not metered

Nigerian Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Power, Ambassador Godknows Igali revealed that 50% of Nigerian power users are not metered by power distribution companies.

Igali disclosed this information at a workshop for distribution companies hosted by the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) and the United States Energy Association (USEA) on Sunday in Lagos, Nigeria where he was representing Nigerian Minister of Power, Chinedu Nebo, the Guardian reported.

The power companies have seen a reduction in revenue and consumers are essentially paying for those who are not connected to a meter, he said.

According to Igali, Government has a short- term strategy which involves installing one million electricity meters in the regions of the country’s 11 distribution utilities.

Speaking at a ceremony for the disbursement of the N213 billion ($1,126 million ) ‘Power Intervention Fund’ on Monday, Minister Nebo said that Nigeria has the lowest electricity tariffs in Africa, the Nigerian bulletin reported.

“I think it is instructive that all of us bear in mind that Nigeria has about the lowest electricity tariffs in Africa and we have a situation where most people do not even appreciate this. You see someone burning fuel of N250,000 [$ 1,322] for generation in a month whereas his electricity bill is only about N20,000 [$ 105.792] for getting 12 hours of electricity supply. You will see that the difference is so huge. In fact it will eventually get lower when we have better supply of electricity to our people,’’ he said.

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