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A report by IHS Markit, has identified 2017 as the year that saw annual installations grow by almost 20% from 2016 and move towards achieving 100GW, a milestone that the industry will reach this year.

The white paper titled, ‘Solar and Energy Storage Trends for 2018’, highlights 8 solar and storage trends for 2018 that will shape and re-define the energy marketplace for the year ahead. Read more: Five trends to watch in energy and power

PV-Magazine Australia quoted Edurne Zoco, research director, solar and energy storage, IHS Markit: “Remarkable expansion has occurred against a backdrop of trade disputes and far-reaching policy changes on the one hand, and technology advances and cost improvements on the other.

“It’s clear that solar has become one of the most dynamic industries of our time, even as it continues to make a significant and growing contribution to the global supply of electricity. There are several important industry trends to watch in the coming months.”

Solar and storage trends

The white paper identifies the following 8 trends:

  • Twenty countries surpass 500 megawatts in annual solar installations
  • Floating solar moves beyond niche applications
  • Bifacial and half-cell technologies are the new rising module stars
  • Diamond wire implemented for multicrystalline wafer cutting
  • US and India trade policies impact module prices and procurement trends
  • PV inverter suppliers race to build new digital business models
  • Utility-scale solar plus storage takes centre stage
  • Electric vehicles pave the way for new synergies with stationary energy storage

Download the full report here.