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Global energy consumption to grow 53% by 2035

The EIA “’ predicts
53% growth in energy
consumption by 2035
Washington DC, United States — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 12 October 2011 – World energy consumption is set to grow 53% by 2035, and most of that energy will be coming from fossil fuels, according to a study by the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Citing the EIA, mining.com reveals that while energy consumption will grow slowly in the U.S. and Europe, countries like China and India which are growing their industrial base will be gobbling up more and more energy.

“Energy use in non-OECD nations increased by 85% in the reference case, as compared with an increase of 18% for the OECD economies,” the report adds.

It points out that this reference case does not incorporate prospective legislation or policies that might affect energy markets.

Disappointing renewable energy fans and those concerned about greenhouse gas emissions, the study finds that fossil fuels will account for 78% of world energy use by the year 2035.