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Ghanaian gas plant set to commence construction of first phase

pic credit: Transportation and storage.energy-business-review
The first phase of the power project is expected to come online in 2016. Pic credit: Transportation and storage.energy-business-review

In West Africa, the construction of a 300MW gas-fired power plant is set to commence with the first 140MW phase expected to come online in 2016.

Cummins Cogeneration Limited (CCL) and Ghanaian-based Wuta Energy, who have signed a Power Purchase Agreement in efforts to boost the country’s generation output capacity, will develop the project. It is claimed that the project, once completed, will be the largest of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Wasted heat

The gas plant, which will be located in southern Ghana in the Beyin village, will utilise the country’s large natural gas reserve and according to Wuta Energy “will be the first development in the region to utilise Organic Ranking Cycle, which captures waste heat from the plant to generate additional energy.

“This will not only deliver a very significant economic benefit but will significantly improve the environmental impact of the power plant.”

Deepak Khilnani, Chairman of CCL commented: “Since the discovery of Ghana’s natural gas reserves, it has been expected that gas would play a prominent role in the country’s energy sector.”

Keeping it local

Khilnani added that the firm will be employing from the local workforce to operate and maintain the plant.

“We want to utilise the energy and talent of local Ghanaians to make this project a social benefit, as well as an economic success. We firmly believe it will have a positive impact on both short and long term local employment.”

David Brigidi, the CEO of Wuta Energy added: “The Beyin Power Plant Project will not only increase the total energy base the country requires, but it will also jump-start economic activities especially in the catchment communities, which will enhance the living standard of the people.”

He concluded: “We believe that this project will continue to drive development in Ghana and look forward to working together with Deepak Khilnani and CCL to generate long-term power solution for Ghanaian communities.”



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