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Ghana: Sugar factory to generate 3MW

The Komenda Sugar Factory in Ghana will begin producing its own electricity by using bagasse to generate power, all Ghana news reported.

According to the factory’s site manager, Srinivasa Rao, the manufacturing plant would utilise 2MW of the 3MW generated power to power their operations and the remaining 1MW would be fed back into the national grid.

With the country facing regular power outages due to various factors, this system will ensure that once the factory is in full operation it will avoid further power interruptions.

According to Rao, “the end product after the production of the sugar would be stored in a 4,000 cubic meter molasses tank to be turned into alcohol, ethanol and industrial spirit to be used by hospitals and other companies”.

The project could generate a further 5 000 jobs in various areas and is estimated to be completed by December 2015.

Rao has asked government to provide them with the necessary support to keep the project on track.
(Pic Credits: agricorner)

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