John Dramani
Mahama, President,
26 September 2012 – Ghana’s president John Dramani Mahama says that the country plans to ameliorate its electricity fluctuations and establish itself as a net exporter of power to its neighbours.

Measures to achieve this include the completion of the Bui hydroelectric scheme, which is expected to produce about 300 MW, and development of the Jubilee Fields gas project that is anticipated to produce some 600 MW. Wind and solar energy developments also form part of the plan.

Mahama says that the country’s parliament passed a renewable energy bill that would empower the government to eliminate the use of paraffin for lighting and to develop solar energy as an alternative to hydroelectricity and other sources. In addition,traffic lights in urban areas are being converted to solar power, which is less expensive and can last longer in the event of power outages.

While Ghana will still depend on the West African Gas Pipeline company, the development of various projects in the country will offer the opportunity to become self-sufficient and an exporter of energy in the near future.

As part of its plans to be an exporter of energy Ghana, in addition to the current supply of electricity to Benin, will also start supplying gas to that country when the Takoradi gas plant begins production. This follows the signing of a cooperation agreement between the two countries in September 2012 on energy and other issues.