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Ghana Gas Company is back in business

Ghana gas company
The Ghana Gas Company has announced that mandatory maintenance works have been completed and now its business as usual at Atuabo Gas processing plant.

In West Africa, the CEO of Ghana Gas Company, George Sipa Yankey, has announced that operational works at their Atuabo Gas processing plant have restarted after the completion of compulsory maintenance.

While addressing the media, Yankey highlighted that the routine works were completed nine days ahead of the scheduled period, which is typically 14 days.

The plant was shut down on 15 January, to allow for the maintenance work to commence, after having been in operation for 8,000 hours, more than the advisable period of 4,000 hours.

Ghana Gas Company fully operational

According to GhanaWeb, Yankey confirmed that the plant has resumed its operational transportation of over 110 million standard cubic feet of gas to the Aboadze Thermal plant for power generation.

Additionally, he emphasised that in future, mandatory maintenance works will be done according to the advisable duration.

Second overhead compressor unit

Yankey further revealed that the gas company has awarded a Canadian-based company a $9 million contract for the construction of a second standard overhead compressor unit.

“We are going to install a second compressor here. If we are able to do that, we may not necessary have to shut down the plant after every 4,000 hours.

“We have to shut down every 4,000 hours to service and overhaul our compressors here. And so if we have a second one, when we are ready to overhaul the first compressor, the second one also starts to operate,” he explained.

Local media reported that a survey and procurement processes has already been completed for the commencement of the project, predicted to be completed within nine months.

Yankey reassured media that the company is committed to continue working with the Volta River Authority (VRA), supplying more than 100 million standard cubic feet of gas per day for the generation of power, adding that the company is in talks with the gas supply chain operators, including Tullow Ghana Limited and VRA.

The discussions are targeted at harmonising the routine maintenance works, by preventing frequent power interruption.

Babalwa Bungane
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