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Ghana confident it can reach 5,000 MW by 2016

Ghana’s current installed electricity generation capacity is 2,845 MW and the country’s government is confident this can reach 5,000 MW by 2016. The West African country, like many emerging economies, struggles to produce enough power to satisfy growing demand from business and consumers.

Within weeks, Ghana may resolve a court order to halt building at a gas facility for a pipeline designed to process gas from the offshore Jubilee oilfield and make the pipeline functional by the end of the year, deputy energy minister John Jinapor said to Reuters at the African Energy Forum held this year in Turkey. The US$650 million project has been delayed repeatedly, curbing the country’s oil production capacity.

“We are confident that by the end of the year, the gas pipeline will be functional,” Jinapor said, extending a previous timetable for completion recently set for September.

A high court in Ghana’s western region had ordered the state-run Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) to stop construction at the plant until the government pays compensation for land to local chiefs.

The government hopes that the gas project’s completion will boost power supply and help reduce spending on light crude imports for thermal power generation.

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