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Ghana appoints new ministry of energy

Ghana has made the strategic decision to restructure the ministry of power to address the national energy crisis which is hindering the economic growth and development of the country, the Africa Report said.

Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani said that this move was in the best interests of the country with the objective to strike a balance and achieve security within the energy sector.

‘The president expects the new ministry to bring about a sharper focus on the generation, supply and efficiency of power to match the growth the economy is experiencing’, he said.

Kwabena Donkor, Legislator has been appointed as head of the newly restructured ministry where his position requires him to drive the workforce and material resources to reach the best solution for the current power crisis in the region, the Africa Report said.

The Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) has voiced their concerns towards the current situation and urged the new ministry to address the power challenges by including all energy stakeholders, as this will reach the best solution for all involved, the Africa Report said.

ACEP director, Mohammed Amin Adam, told local media that an integrated approach needs to be taken by the ministry.

‘Dr Kwabena Donkor is overly partisan and in times like these you need a bi-partisan approach to this national crisis, so I will advise him to work with his opposition colleagues to build consensus on what needs to be done in the power sector…robert-dwamena

It is a national crisis; it is affecting everybody irrespective what party we belong’, he said.

Robert Dwamena has stepped in as acting managing director of the Ghanaian power utility after William Hutton-Mensah was let go by President John Dramani Mahama after leaving the country in darkness for seven days due to load shedding, the Africa Report said.

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