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German-Nigerian cooperation in power industry

22 October 2007 – Talks between the Federal Government of Nigeria and German energy experts were held on Monday to discuss the formation of a strategic partnership for the rapid development of the power sector. Presided over by President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, these talks are part of his plan to implement policies and programmes to address the problems in the Nigerian power sector.

"I have called this meeting because we need very close cooperation and collaboration with German business concerns with regards to developing our power and energy sector which is going to be the focal point of this administration’s economic strategies in the immediate future" the President said.

"Nigeria is ready to partner with Germany and Europe for the development of power infrastructure which will serve as a springboard for the economic transformation of our country."

Areas were identified during the meeting where German capital and expertise could be used to resolve current problems.

Mr George Boomgaarden, state secretary for Germany’s ministry of foreign affairs led the delegation. Members of the delegation included: Mr Viktor Elbling, the commissioner for international energy policy and sustainable development in the federal foreign office; Dr Wolfgang Manig, the director of international energy policy and representatives from companies such as Siemens and Ruhrgas.

After the meeting, Eng Joseph Makoju, special adviser to the president said Nigeria was looking for companies to participate in the countries energy sector.

"Basically, the meeting was meant to identify areas where we can cooperate; where they can come in and support ongoing investment in the energy sector. Most of the key areas in the discussion we had this morning have been identified. On our side, there is already ongoing heavy infrastructure projects in power with power stations, transmission lines and distribution network expansion as well as in the oil sector," he said.