The Olkaria III
facility in Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 07 April 2011 – Ormat Techologies Incorporated “’ a world leader in the geothermal power plant sector “’ plans to almost double output at its Olkaria III geothermal-power facility in Kenya.

Revealing this here, “The Standard” quoted Ormat CEO Dita Bronicki as saying that the company intended increasing the plant’s output from 48 to 84MW.
A new plant is being built next to the company’s existing facility at Olkaria, 120km northwest of the capital, the newspaper said.

Meanwhile Orpower 4 Incorporated “’ a subsidiary of Ormat “’ has signed a power-purchase agreement with Kenya Power & Lighting Company that includes an option to increase combined output to 100MW in future, the newspaper added.