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Gemalto and INSYS icom M2M solution delivers clean power to rural communities in Africa

International security company, Gemalto is delivering clean, renewable energy to remote communities in Africa using its M2M connectivity solution. Gemalto’s M2M solution is used for a solar powered station, SOLARKIOSK, that is transported onboard a mobile vehicle. The SOLARKIOSK’s typical structure comprises a roof of photovoltaic panels, generating renewable solar power in rural areas without grid infrastructure.

How it works? Gemalto’s Cinterion modules offer “rugged M2M connectivity powering a mobile router, provided by INSYS icom, which enables condition monitoring of the SOLARKIOSKs’ photovoltaic panels and tracks energy production and consumption through a web interface.”

Thomas Steffen, M2M regional manager at Gemalto said: “In many parts of the world, traditional power infrastructures are difficult to set up and quickly become expensive to maintain.”

The SOLARKIOSK’s plug-in access makes for simple, speedy deployment. INSYS icom and Gemalto’s M2M solution manages the solar panels 24 hours a day, enabling the tracking of energy input and output. This acts as a reliable system delivering power to end-users and allows for automatic feedback should complications arise.

This offering is particularly valuable and needed in rural communities, providing a way of accessing sustainable energy for basic medical services and other consumer household needs. Current projects are underway in Ethiopia, Botswana and Kenya.

“INSYS icom and Gemalto heavy duty technologies are ideally suited for those areas which are not connected to an electricity grid … SOLARKIOSK will be there to serve them” said Michael Gartz, INSYS icom Director for Sales and Marketing.