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Gas power plant planned for Ghana

gas power planned for Ghana
The gas power plant will assist in meeting the Ghanaian government’s goal of 80% electrification rate by 2016.

On Friday, Asian-based independent power provider VPower Group, announced its expansion plans into West Africa’s Ghana for a gas power plant. This following its power installation project in Chad.

The gas power project will be VPower’s first gas power generation plant in Africa.

Joel Castiel, VPower’s regional director for Africa said: “Gas power generation holds great potential for Ghana, offering impressive reduction in emissions and fuel-to-power efficiencies.”

According to the West Africa Power Pool, Ghana has an installed power capacity of over 2,400MW to date, with power demand predicted to exceed 5,000MW by 2016.

Gas power aids Ghana’s objective

According to international legal service provider, Norton Rose Fulbright, Ghana is driven by the Ministry of Energy’s objective to become a key exporter of electricity into the West Africa Power Pool.

The ministry’s objectives include meeting the increasing domestic power demand, and assisting the Ghanaian government to meet its goal of an 80% electrification rate by 2016.

Efficiency of gas power

One of the key focuses for VPower, is to introduce energy solutions, which support government’s commitment to meeting power generation capacity targets in a fast and cost effective manner.

The gas power units are fitted with technology company MTU’s gas engines and delivers power at one of the best efficiencies for its category, stated the company.

Expansion into developing markets

In 2014, VPower launched their first power installation to generate 20MW in N’Djamena, Chad.

By 2017, VPower expects to be generating a total of 2GW of power in fast growing economies including Indonesia, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The expansion marks the company’s commitment to deliver leading power generation technology and know-how to regions where power demands continue to outstrip supply.

Castiel claimed that: “We have one of the most compact gas generator sets on the market, which cuts cost and time in transportation and installation.”

“The high potential for domestic gas now gives us the opportunity to meet the country’s power demand in ways that improve the stability of power supply,” he concluded.




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