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Gas fired power stations planned for Mozambique

2 August 2012 – The Noticias newspaper reports that Mozambique plans to build three new gas-fired power stations to generate 400 MW by 2014.

Two plants are planned for Ressano Garcia, near the South African border, and the third in the southern town of Chokwe. Natural gas from Mozambique’s onshore reserves will power the plants, the paper says.

Some of the power will be injected into Mozambique’s national network but some will be exported to neighbouring countries experiencing shortages, in particular Malawi. Tenders are expected to open later this year.

The announcement follows the opening of a US$2.9 million temporary gas fired plant in Ressano Garcia, by Agrekko. That station generates 107 MW, mainly for sale to South Africa.

Mozambique is poised to become a major energy player, with huge offshore gas finds over the last year. The country is also undertaking a US$2.5 billion project to build two transmission lines between the centre and the south of the country, where most people live without electricity.