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Future Energy Nigeria speaks out ahead of conference

In an interview last night, Yolisa Nyoka, programme director for the upcoming Future Energy Nigeria conference spoke with Gridless Africa revealing the trends and challenges in this powerful west African market.

What latest industry trends should we have to look forward to from this year’s conference and expo? What is the major difference between Future Energy Nigeria and other energy conferences hosted in Nigeria?

In being the leading power and energy conference in the region, we pride ourselves towards the thorough understanding of the African power market with over the past 15 years in running the show.

What makes us the event different to the other energy conferences hosted in Nigeria, is that we are the only conference showcasing the latest advancements taking place within the metering sector.

We have segmented this year’s conference in the compilation of tailored strategic and technical solution driven content, so that there is something for everyone in this new programme structure.

Given the financial and liquidity struggles of the Nigerian power sector we have a full 2-day programme dedicated to practical solutions around metering, theft reduction and customer service.

You can also expand your knowledge by attending this year’s Generation Knowledge Hub; free-to-attend power seminars located on the exhibition floor.

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What strategies do you think can be adapted to facilitate the rapid deployment of Renewable Energy technologies in Nigeria?  

I would say that the strategies needed to enhance the rapid deployment of Renewable Energy technologies is three fold.

The 1st factor is to know where the business opportunities are, 2nd is to understand what other grants and funds are available in financing the projects and whether there is an appetite from financial institutions to invest in renewable energy technologies.

The third, which I feel is the most important factor is co-ordinating the communities buy in for the deployment of the latest technologies in the renewable energy space.

What are the top 3 innovations happening in the Nigerian clean energy space?  

I’m going to go with: 1) Advances in Energy Storage, 2) Waste to power, 3) Energy performance standards and labels identifying energy efficient appliances.

In your opinion, which companies are major innovators in the clean energy landscape in Nigeria? Why these companies?  

There are so many companies to be noted that are at the forefront towards innovating the clean energy space in Nigeria.

At the top of my head I would say; @PAS_NG, in the last 12 months have been providing innovative off grid solutions through their @PAS_BBOXX solar home system business.

@RenewviaEnergy through their successful phased out design of community microgrids optimising capitalisation and mitigating risk.

Sosai Renewable Energies, which offers efficient, reliable and sustainable products including solar lamps, solar home systems and water filters to the people of the rural and peri-urban communities of Northern Nigeria.

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In regards to the conference’s renewable energy agenda, how different is Future Energy East Africa which happened in September to Future Energy Nigeria? What are the lessons?

Future Energy East Africa placed the spotlight on the energy access road map for East Africa, where as #FEN2018 there will be focused discussions on financing the rapid integration of renewable energy with mini and micro grid solutions and success stories.

What do you think will be the status of Renewable Energy adoption in Nigeria within the next 5-10 years?  

From the research that we have conducted in the market, it seems that there will be an increasing acceptance of solar photovoltaic as a dependable electricity source in Nigeria.

With solar power slowly becoming the most preferred alternative electricity source to Nigerians, judging by recent developments.

Some of the Nigerian state government departments have declared their intentions to generate electricity from solid waste, which is another trend to look out for.

Please tell us more about your organisation; mission, vision and goals  

Future Energy Nigeria (formerly known as the Wapic) is the no. 1 power & energy conference & exhibition in Nigeria and West Africa. The event boasts an opening keynote address from regional leaders, strategic conference sessions and a large trade exhibition.

Our vision is to become the only industry meeting point that discusses, debates and provides answers to the future development of Nigeria’s power and energy sector.

This is executed by delivering a conference arena covering the entire power value chain for consultative content, an exhibition platform for trade deals and networking for business growth.

Congratulations on the Future Energy Nigeria Conference coming up on the 13th-14th November 2018. What major events will highlight the conference?  

We are very excited about what we have lined up for our attendees at the show. Key highlights include; the West African Power Pool (WAPP) Secretary General Siengui Apollinaire KI, and the African Development Bank (AfDB) Country Director for Nigeria, Ebrima Faal, heading up a leading list of experts during the opening keynote session on Tuesday, 13 November.

Running through the 2 days we will also be hosting an exclusive closed door CEO forum which is by invitation only. The forum will support Nigeria’s power leaders (including Discos, Gencos and IPPs) collaborate and focus on unique in-country challenges.

There will be a documentary evening held formally on the 12 November which will be screening Swallow: Food Security in Nigeria’s Changing Climate (2018).

In addition to the conference and expo we organise site visits which add a third dimension to the event and allow delegates to visit power generation projects in Lagos. This year we’ll be hosting delegates towards a site visit at the Egbin Power Plant.

What upcoming developments should we expect from @FutureEnergyHub?  

Future Energy Nigeria forms part of a larger portfolio energy series brought to you by the award winning and top 3 events company in the world, Clarion.

We have our flagship show taking place early next year, the 19th annual African Utility Week which is the leading conference and trade exhibition for African power, energy and water professionals.

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Please tell us a bit about the team of individuals that makes up Future Energy Nigeria?  

We are based out of South Africa with a local office in Lagos too. Our team is quite diverse in terms of the role and responsibility that each one performs.

We have a veteran Nigerian Sales Director named Ade who is synonymous with the event even back when it was WAPIC.

Our world class Operations team constantly delivers a great looking event and this one will be no different.

Our marketing team has been working tirelessly to bring the right calibre of attendee to the show while the production side has ensured there will be knowledgeable speakers and game-changing content.

This team makes the event what it is. And we are so eager to welcome energy experts to the 15th edition of Future Energy Nigeria. #FEN2018.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
As the Editor of ESI Africa, my passion is on sustainability and placing African countries on the international stage. I take a keen interest in the trends shaping the power & water utility market along with the projects and local innovations making headline news. Watch my short weekly video on our YouTube channel ESIAfricaTV and speak with me on what has your attention.