Minister of Finance,
Dr Olusegun Aganga
7 June 2010 – Minister of Finance, Dr Olusegun Aganga has confirmed that the Federal Government has convened a meeting with international investors to discuss funding of the power sector.  

"The President has promised that before the end of this administration or by the time this administration completes its term we would see an improvement in power. What I have to make clear is that he has not said by the end of this administration you will have 6000 MW.

What he has promised is that you will see improved power supply." he said.

"On June 14th a group of international investors are coming to discuss their interest to invest in the power sector. I have had several of those meetings and one of the objectives of those meetings is to hear from them what we need to do to encourage those investments," he said on efforts of the federal government to improve the investment climate and make Nigeria more competitive

"The only way to make the environment more friendly is to listen to investors and do what they ask you to do. As long as it is legal and it works for Nigerians you do what they ask you to do," he said adding that part of the initiatives in this regard is the dialogue held with private sector operators organized by the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG).