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French solar tracker company opens in Gauteng

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French solar tracker development Optimum Tracker Company opens agency in Johannesburg, South Africa. Pic credit: Optimum Tracker

French solar tracker developer Optimum Tracker Company has announced the opening of an agency in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The solar company, which designs, manufactures and installs solar tracking systems for utility-scale solar power plants, said it sees opportunity in South Africa’s power industry.

Yacin De Welle, president of Optimum Tracker, said: “New investments in utility-scale in South Africa are promising and we strongly believe we can play an important role in the country’s PV development. Our products are designed to significantly increase PV projects’ profitability.”

The Johannesburg-based agency is looking to partner with local manufacturing and installation companies to successfully deliver its product to the local market, which it describes as the “top ten largest utility-scale solar markets”.

Optimum Tracker, which also has offices in the US, is bringing its O-Track Hz to market employing a patented system, Opti-Access, based on a linear activation, ensuring unimpeded rows. The technology strongly facilitates circulation and maintenance, Optimum Tracker said in a statement.

This news follows  the French manufacturer of solar self-consumption inverters Imeon Energy who entered into a strategic partnership with South African-based Rubicon Renewables and Telecom Techniques to provide South African customers with an integrated smart grid solution.

Solar tracking in France

One of Optimum Tracker’s solar projects in France was developed on a landfill site that needed adapted positioning and adjustment.

Christian Malye, technical manager at Générale du Solaire, a French solar energy producer, said: “We have entrusted Optimum Tracker with the mission to supply and install solar trackers for our Podio Alto plant.

“The single-axis trackers O-Track Hz meet our expectations in terms of performance, and the project was very successful thanks to the team’s professionalism and involvement.”

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