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First wind turbine in Eastern Cape

Electrawinds’ Coega
wind farm project
Port Elizabeth, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 17 December 2010 – Electrawinds Belgium has started construction of its first wind turbine in the Coega Industrial Development Zone in the Eastern Cape.

In a statement issued here, the Belgian company said it had invested R1.2 billion in the Coega Wind Farm Project to build a total of 25 turbines. Each turbine had a capacity of 1.8MW, which translated into an annual yield of 570000kWh “’ enough energy to power about 1700 households. The electricity generated by the wind farm would be fed into the national grid and distributed by Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan municipality to households within the metro.

The wind farm is able to supply Nelson Mandela Bay with an average of 45MW of green energy.

Electrawinds managing director Luc Desender said the construction marked the first commercial wind project in South Africa and first operational project outside Europe for Electrawinds.

He added that overall, 133 indirect construction jobs, 55 construction jobs and 12 permanent jobs were being created during the building of the wind farm, which would be completed in 2011.