10 August 2012 – Some US$37 million has been spent to rehabilitate phases I and II of the Ruzizi hydroelectric power stations and finance studies and preparatory work for Ruzizi III, which is intended to increase the supply of power to three member countries of the economic community of the great lakes region (CEPGL). These are Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Rwanda.

The Ruzizi hydroelectric power stations have not been producing enough electricity for the three CEPGL member countries.

The 29.8 MW Ruzizi I hydroelectric dam was built at the Ruzizi River outlet from Lake Kivu in 1958. The dam delivers electricity to Bubanza and Kigoma via the Mururu substation. The 43.8 MW Ruzizi II power station was added in 1989. The planned Ruzizi III project will see the construction of a 147 MW hydropower plant on the Ruzizi River bordering DRC and Rwanda to be developed through a concession by a private investor.